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Nursing Care Business

MM Life Support Co., Ltd., a company having entered nursing care business in response to needs of super-aged society.

Under the situation where our country has entered into “super-aged society”and number of elderly single or elderly couple households is growing, the pressing issue is to provide these elderly people with safe housing and fulfilling nursing care services.
MM Life Support Co., Ltd. was established in January 24, 2012 as a nursing care business operation company under the corporate philosophy of Mitsui Matsushima Group, “To Serve People and Society”.
The company will provide a safe and secure living environment for the elderly by delivering nursing care services to the residents in its facilities according to their lifestyle and level of care based on the concept, “Wishing my parents to reside, we also wish to reside in the future”.
As a first step, we built two apartment houses for the elderly with nursing care services on the land belonging to Mitsui Matsushima Co., Ltd. in Fukuoka city, whose operations will start in the fiscal year 2014. With establishment of outpatient day nursing care center and home-visit nursing care support center as well as tenants of medical clinic and dispensing pharmacy in these apartment houses, we wish to provide the residents with excellent services.
We are going to expand the businesses based in Fukuoka in response to needs of super-aged society and proactively work toward more delightful, prosperous and vibrant communities.

  • “Living with peace of mind” Pine Garden Muromi
  • “Living with peace of mind” Pine Garden Fujisaki
Location 2-15-1 and 2-15-2 Muromi, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka
Construction overview Reinforced concrete structure, 5 story building, 55 units
including clinic and pharmacy as tenants
Construction start March 2014
Operations start January 2015 (planned)
Location Location 2-69-1 Yayoi, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka
Construction overview Reinforced concrete structure, 3 story building, 26 units
Joint construction with outpatient nursing care center and in-home nursing care center
Construction start April 2014
Operations start December 2014

Oshima Syouji Co., Ltd., a company aiming to offer excellent community-based services

The company operates an aged care facility with various support services called “Hotto House” in Oshima, Saikai city, Nagasaki.
The company also supports various community needs by offering a broad range of services responding to an aged society such as outpatient nursing care service and in-home nursing care service.