The Management

as of June,2017


Representative Director and Chairman Shinichiro Kushima
Representative Director and President Tsuneo Amano
Director Shinji Koyanagi
Director Toshihiro Nomoto
Director(Audit & Supervisory Committee Member) Yoshio Takata
External Director(Audit & Supervisory Committee Member) Takashige Araki
External Director(Audit & Supervisory Committee Member) Tetsuya Notabe

Executive Officers

Senior Managing Executive Officer Shinji Koyanagi ※
General Manager of Energy Business Division
Managing Executive Officer Toshihiro Nomoto ※
General Manager of Accounting Dept.
In charge of Business Planning Dept.
Managing Executive Officer Youichi Haginoya
In charge of General Affairs Dept. and Human Resources Dept.
Managing Executive Officer Koujirou Inoue
General Manager of Consumer Goods and Services Business Division
Executive Officer Yoshitaka Wada
General Manager of General Affairs Dept.
General Manager of Human Resources Dept.
In charge of System Planning Development Office
Executive Officer Taishi Yoshioka
General Manager of Business Planning Dept.

About mark, executive officers combine with directors.