For Investors

Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Information about the Company

Q. When was the company established?
A. January 1913, as Matsushima Tanko Co., Ltd.
In 1973, the coal production division was split off, and in 1983 the name was changed to “Mitsui Matsushima Co., Ltd.”
Q. What does the company do? (What are your lines of business?)
A. We have been involved in coal mining for 100 years since our founding in 1913.
Even after withdrawing from domestic coal mining in 2001, we have expanded our field of operation from Japan to other countries, and today we are the only company in Japan that can be considered a comprehensive specialist in coal.
See the description of “Our Business” for individual lines of business.


Q. Which securities exchanges are you listed on?
A. Shares in the company are listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and on the Fukuoka Stock Exchange.
Q. What is your securities code?
A. The company’s securities code is “1518.” For recent share prices, see “Share price information.”
Q. What is the trading unit for stock?
A. 100 shares.
Q. What is the date of record for shareholders to receive dividend payments?
A. March 31 of each year.
Q. Do you offer shareholder benefits?
A. The Company offers a shareholder special benefit program to show its appreciation to shareholders for their continuous support, and to deepen understanding of the Mitsui Matsushima group's business as well as increase the attractiveness of investing in the Company's shares.

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Q. When is the General Meeting of Shareholders?
A. The Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders is scheduled for June each year. For details see “IR Calendar.”
Q. What is the contact address for shareholder procedures?
A. Please contact your securities company.
For details see “Stock Procedures.”

Financial Results

Q. When is the settlement term?
A. The company’s business year ends in March.
Q. What is the publication schedule for financial results?
A. See “IR Calendar” for the quarterly financial results publication schedule.
Q. What are the most recent financial and business results?
A. For the most recent financial results information, see “Results Bulletin.”
Q. Where do I go for historical results?
A. The most recent five years of data will be found in “Results and Financial Information.”