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Fuel (Coal Production and Sales) Business

Using three competitive advantages to provide stable coal supplies

The Mitsui Matsushima Group’s fuel business model

Since our establishment in 1913, we have a century of experience of producing and marketing coal in Japan and are now expanding onto the international stage. Coal is still an essential energy resource as a material for ironmaking and a fuel for power generation both in Japan and the world.

The Mitsui Matsushima Group has three key advantages: 1) mining technology backed by a century of activities; 2) planning and proposal abilities underpinned by international coal investments; and 3) marketing to major coal users in many sectors. Group member Mitsui Matsushima International (MMI) and its subsidiaries invest in and lend to coal mines in overseas, develop new, competitive mining projects that satisfy the quality requirements of the market, and obtain rights that further expand our sales capacity.
These activities bring a wealth of information on coal mines under development and projects in the initial exploration stage, as well as experience in coal mine operations, key resources that are used in collaboration with Coal Project & Business Development Office of Mitsui Matsushima.
Mitsui Matsushima Co., Ltd. analyzes information provided by MMI to propose coal businesses that are suited to the needs of users in Japan. We also work to identify user requirements, analyze markets, and communicate the information to MMI where it is used in the development and operation of coal mines in overseas.
The Fuel and Energy Business Division contributes to stable supply of coal and energy in Japan.

  • Fuel and Energy Division(coal sales)
  • Mitsui Matsushima International(coal production)