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Coal Development Projects in overseas

Coal Mines in Operation

Liddell Coal Mine JV, Australia
Liddell Coal Mine JV, Australia

Liddell Coal Mine is located in the Hunter Valley area of New South Wales, Australia’s premier coal production area, and is jointly operated by Mitsui Matsushima Australia, our local subsidiary, and Xstrata, a major Swiss resources company. It produces high-quality coking coal and thermal coal, primarily for export to Japan.

Profile of the Liddell Coal Mine Project in Australia

New Coal Mine Projects

Development of GDM Coal Mine (underground) in Indonesia
Exploration at the GDM Coal Mine in Indonesia

Exploration at the GDM Coal Mine in

The GDM Coal Mine is located in the East Kalimantan area of Borneo, Indonesia and now operates open-cut mine to produce approximately 400,000 tons of thermal coal annually. In July 2012, we acquired a 30% stake in GDM, and currently have engineers from MMI Coal Tech on-site to provide underground mining expertise to GDM. We plan to develop the country’s first large-scale mechanized underground mine at the site.

Participation from the Project Startup (Initial exploration) Stage

MMI Coal Tech
GDM Coal Mine (unserground) in indonesia

GDM Coal Mine (unserground) in

The group’s international coal mining operations extend far beyond Australia, and as they have grown, the activities of our technology units have expanded. In 2009, the technology arm of Mitsui Matsushima International (MMI) was spun off to establish MMI Coal Tech (MMICT) as an engineering firm.
MMICT plays a core role on the technology side in MMI’s international strategy. The company is currently involved in Square Exploration’s projects as a member of the Technology Committee, where it uses its geological exploration and assessment capacity to advise on exploration plans and methods. In Indonesia, the company is involved in the GDM Coal Mine development project, and has engineers on-site to provide underground mining expertise to GDM.

Square Exploration

In January 2011, we established Square Exploration (SEPL) which is an exploration company as a joint venture with Square Resources Holdings (SRH) in, Queensland, Australia.
The company utilizes SRH’s coal exploration expertise and information gathering capacity in Australia and New Zealand and our knowledge of domestic coal mines in order to acquire equity efficiently and economically by exploration of promising projects from the initial stage.

We acquired a 15% equity stake in SEPL, which will perform project exploration, focusing on Queensland, Australia mainly.

Eastern Coal Joint Venture

Eastern Coal Joint Venture is an unincorporated joint venture as part of the project of Mimosa mining area, in Queensland, Australia. MMI bought rights to the coal-mining project in November 2015. A coal mine is under development through cooperation with Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC). Currently we hold 48.5 percent of the concession rights in the coal mine.