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Management services for recreational facilities and training centersM&M Service Co., Ltd.

We offer management services for recreational facilities, training centers and other facilities owned by private companies and local governments while owning and operating resort hotels around Japan. Leading a top share of the market for many years, our results are backed by unique management expertise, quality services and the spirit of hospitality. Our management consulting services (facilities maintenance and management, proposal of food and beverage, advice on human resources and administrative costs, etc.) approach lodging facilities from a wide range of perspectives to assist the health services of private companies and local governments. Operations extend throughout Japan including our home base in Kyushu.

Keburikawa, Kyoto

Keburikawa, Kyoto

  • Yatsugatake Hotel Fuuka

    Yatsugatake Hotel Fuuka

  • Chirihama Hotel Yubana

    Chirihama Hotel Yubana

  • Apical Inn Kyoto

    Apical Inn Kyoto

  • Sanperla Shima

    Sanperla Shima


M&M Service operates a website “Oyado-net” that gives lodging information of public and corporate facilities which are not usually open to the public. Having requests from customers for relaxed holiday, we prepare facilities with good atmosphere, food and hospitality in rich nature.

Resort Kumano Club

Resort Kumano Club