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Coal Preparation and Resource Recycling Plants

Coal Preparation and Resource Recycling Plants

Coal preparation plant in China

Applying coal preparation technology to resource recyclingNagata Engineering Co., Ltd.

While the coal industry has waned in Japan, Nagata Engineering continues to be the premier source of coal washing technology, and it now manufactures resource recycling plant utilizing its original expertise.
This is a unique business that focuses on the words “select” and “separate.” Examples include technology to selectively remove high-concentration vinyl chlorides from waste plastic in a fluidized bed, dry separating technology to selectively produce valuable metals from mixed metals, and technology to separate and collect unburned carbon from the combustion ash produced by coke-burning boilers.
In the industrial machinery field, we also design and manufacture a wide variety of equipment, including pig casting machinery.
Going forward, we will be offering comprehensive development services for coal mines, and also we will continue to expand our resource recycling business.

  • Coal preparation plant in Viet Nam

  • One of the largest dry gravity separation installations in Japan

  • Nagata Engineering head office