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Nippon Straw Co., Ltd., a leading company in the domestic straw market

Nippon Straw Co., Ltd. developed the telescopic straw in 1983. Since then, the company has further developed varied and functional straws. Currently, its straw products have been extensively used by blue-chip dairy and beverage companies for their beverage paper packs and plastic cups. The company also produces single straws (straws with no telescoping) for self-service iced coffee to go. In order to serve the customers with secure, safe, convenient and high-quality straws, the company produces them in the fully automatic production lines from material input through packaging without directly touching the manufactured goods.


Fuji Plant

Besides these straw products, the company has a range of paper and PET beverage cup and food package products for a variety of customers.
The company also works on development and production of straws made of eco-friendly materials, instead of plastic.

Producing drinking straws