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Mitsui Matsushima Resources Co., Ltd.

Mitsui Matsushima Resources Co., Ltd. was established in 1997 to spread to other countries the advanced coal mining technique that the company had developed over many years. Since 2002, it has specialized in the transfer of coal mining technique (training services) to Asian countries as a government-directed program, and today leads the way in the transfer of technique “from person to person.”
Instruction covers a wide range of fields, including coal preparation and other environmental technologies as well as actual mining instruction, ventilation analysis, safety and security, and rescue and relief training. These services help to ensure stable coal supplies in the Asian region and stable supplies for Japan as well.

  • Rescue training at GDM Coal Mine, Indonesia

  • Give instructions on manufacturing of coal wagons (bottom open type) at AIC J Coal Mine

  • Give instructions on how to check coal mine roof conditions at AIC J Coal Mine.

  • Hold lectures on safety by the coal preparation environment preservation and promotion team

  • Give instructions on techniques to prevent electric shocks to coal miners in West Sumatra Region