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Loading a power shovel for onboard freight handling

Matsushima Stevedore Co., Ltd.

Port and harbor services focus on safe and reliable coal loading. With a motto of “safety and reliability,” Matsushima Stevedore has served customers for approximately 30 years without accident or incident.
The primary service in Matsushima office is freight business for approximately 2.5 million tons of coal each year for the Matsushima Thermal Power Station operated by Electric Power Development Co., Ltd. in Saikai, Nagasaki. This includes the operation of coal storage and transportation equipment, sample testing of coal, inspection of conveyors used to transport ash and gypsum, and deployment and recovery of marine oil fences.
We will continue to play a major role in the stable supply of electric power from the Matsushima Thermal Power Station.

  • Onboard cargo handling

  • Onboard cargo handling

Unloading coal at a thermoelectric power plant