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To Our Valued Stakeholders
Under the corporate philosophy of Serving People and Society, the Mitsui Matsushima Group will continue to evolve as a company essential to society.
代表取締役社長 天野 常雄 代表取締役会長 串間 新一郎

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your continued patronage to the Group.

Effective October 1, 2018, the Mitsui Matsushima Group has shifted to a holding company structure and changed its company name to Mitsui Matsushima Holdings Co., Ltd.

Since its foundation in 1913, we have been mainly engaged in coal-related businesses over 100 years including coal mining and sales and worked hard to ensure a stable energy supply in Japan. Coal has long been an essential resource as a material for ironmaking and still serves as a key energy resource that generates approximately 40 percent of the world's electricity. This demonstrates that coal is still a vital source.
Meanwhile, as a general trend in the coal production field, business performance may largely vary due to external factors including coal prices and foreign exchange rates. The consumption of coal in advanced nations is showing signs of shrinking due to tightened control of carbon dioxide emissions these days and the rise of renewable energy is changing the structure surrounding the energy resources business.

Against this backdrop, the Group has endeavored to secure a stable and diverse earnings base through aggressive M&A activities, etc., aimed at shifting to a sustainable business structure not susceptible to environmental changes facing the energy resources business.

The consumer goods and services businesses of contract services, beverage & food packages and fashion and electronic parts business, all of which we have obtained through our recent M&A activities, are of increasing importance in contributing to the Group's profits.

We will continue to make investments in new projects in the consumer goods and services business to expand our business portfolio in a stable manner to achieve sustainable growth and development.
With our corporate philosophy "Serving People and Society" in mind, we will continue to evolve as a company essential to society while flexibly responding to various changes in the environment and social needs to make our society more affluent and dynamic. We kindly request the further support and understanding of all the stakeholders.