Top Message

Dear All,

The company has been involved with coal for more than 100 years, ever since its founding in 1913 in the island of Matsushima, Nagasaki, Japan.

During this time, the energy industry has experienced several transformations to meet the demands of the times, and we at Mitsui Matsushima have overcome many challenges and upheavals to arrive at where we are today.

The domestic Japanese coal mining business was where the company began and what provided the foundation for its initial expansion, but in 2001 the company was forced to withdraw from domestic coal mining. Today, our operations have shifted to Australia, Indonesia, Canada, and other countries, and our focus is on the development of coal mining interests in those countries. As global demand for resources and energy rises, it is more crucial than ever for Japan to have stable sources of energy supply. We use the expertise and advanced technology that we have developed in our coal mining operations to ensure the stable coal supply.

Business environments have been changing frequently. As we look out over the next century, it is imperative that, while we maintain our commitment to coal business, we also become a company that is capable of building new businesses, able to meet the requirements of the times and flexibly adapt to changing business environment needs of society. Through such efforts, we aim to be a company that is vital to society and will keep on evolving.

As we will develop our businesses based on our management philosophy, “to serve people and society”, toward building more prosperous and more vibrant societies, we kindly request the continued support and understanding of all the stakeholders.