Mask blanks
Japan’s first manufacturer
specializing in mask blanks

CST Co., Ltd.

CST Co., Ltd. (CST) was established in 1977 as Japan’s first manufacturer specializing in mask blanks. Since then, CST has been supplying mask blanks to major domestic and overseas photomask manufacturers for various applications, mainly in LCDs, semiconductors and OLED displays.

ST has operated its businesses by using proprietary technologies while manufacturing machinery and equipment for cleaning, film formation and resists in-house since its foundation. This has allowed CST to create new value for its customers. CST has gained an excellent customer base that includes large corporations. In particular, it has secured a firm position in mask blanks for ultra-large LCDs and OLED displays, and has established a strong position within the industry.

CST will aim to become “the world’s No. 1 technology company” by following its management philosophy of “The customer’s excitement is our joy!” and will conduct its business with the intention of making a contribution to the world with technology.

※Mask blanks are used in the process of producing photo masks, which are necessary for making complex electronic circuits used in flat-panel TV screens and semiconductors.

  • Manufacturing equipment (film formation)

CST Co., Ltd.