Matsushima Tanko Co., Ltd. established (capital: 2 mil. yen)
Oshima coal mine opened
development of Ikeshima coal mine started
shares listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Shares listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Fukuoka Stock Exchange
Oshima coal mine closed
Company name changed to Matsushima Kosan Co., Ltd.
Mitsui Mining Kenzai Hanbai Co., Ltd. absorbed; company name changed to Mitsui Matsushima Co., Ltd. capital totals 3,324,680,000 yen
Mitsui Matsushima Australia Pty. Ltd. established (first overseas branch)
Capital participation in Liddell Joint Venture (Japan marketing rights acquired)
Matsushima Coal Mine Co., Ltd. closed Ikeshima coal mine
Mitsui Matsushima International Pty. Ltd. established (overseas holding company of coal operations)
Establishment of MM Energy Co., Ltd.
Entered solar power generation business
100th anniversary
Acquisition of NIPPON STRAW Co., Ltd. and affiliated as a subsidiary
Acquisition of Hanabishi-sewing Co., Ltd.
Acquisition of CLEAN SURFACE TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd.(current:CST Co., Ltd.)
Acquisition of ownership of Mitsui Minatoclub
Shifted to a holding company structure and changed its company name to Mitsui Matsushima Holdings, Co., Ltd.
Acquired MEIKO SHOKAI Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary.
Establishment of Minatoclub Operations Co.,Ltd.
Acguired KMT Corporation as a subsidiary.
Acguired Sansei Denshi Co.,Ltd. as a subsidiary.
Establishment of MMI Japan Co.,Ltd.
Acguired SYSTECH KYOWA CO.,LTD. as a subsidiary.
Hanabishi-sewing Co.,Ltd. established Hanabishi Co., Ltd. through a new company split and succeeded the sales business of men’s clothing, women’s clothing, and shirts.
Transition to the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market.
Acquired NIPPON KATAN CO.,LTD. as a subsidiary.
Acquired MOS Co.,Ltd. as a subsidiary.
Acquired Plus One Techno Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary.
Acquired Japan Chain Holdings, Inc. as a subsidiary.