Top Share of Large
Conveyor Chains in Japan

Japan Chain Holdings,

  • logo:Sugiyama Chain Co., Ltd.
  • logo:ZEXUS CHAIN Co., Ltd.
  • logo:MAXCO Chain
  • Japan Chain Holdings, Inc. owns three companies, namely Sugiyama Chain Co., Ltd. and ZEXUS CHAIN Co., Ltd. and MAXCO Chain, Ltd. It is producing and selling industrial roller chains and conveyor chains as a group.

    Since the start of chain production in 1910, the group has gained a high level of trust from customers in various industries around Japan and abroad. Particularly, our roller chains for power transmission have received high praise from our customers in Japan and abroad with our full lineup. In addition, we are proud of having a top market share in the domestic Japanese market for large conveyor chains such as those used at water treatment facilities.

    As a comprehensive chain manufacturer, we will continue to create the future of chains with confidence and pride.

    • (1) Roller Chain

      A chain used the purpose of the “transmission of power”
      Its main applications are integration into industrial equipment and manufacturing equipment, and the like.

      Standard Roller Chain
      Double Capacity Chain
    • (2) Conveyor Chain

      A chain used for the purpose of “conveying items”
      Its main applications are installation in manufacturing lines, and the like.

      Water Treatment Chain
      Steel Chain