“Serving people and society”

For the past century, ever since its inception as a coal mining company in Matsushima, Nagasaki in 1913, the Mitsui Matsushima Group has played a vital role in providing stable energy supplies to Japan.

We will develop our businesses based on our corporate philosophy “Serving people and society” toward more prosperous communities. In doing so, we look forward to continuing to grow and evolve over the next hundred years.

Management Vision:
Our Goals for the Next Century

We aim to be a company that is vital to society.

To achieve this, we will proactively pioneer and create new fields of business, and address the needs of society.

We aim to be known for fairness, openness, and trustworthiness.

To achieve this, our management will focus on balancing financial soundness and risk-taking so that we faithfully serve the needs and interests of all stakeholders.

We aim to be a company that quickly adapts to changing environments, and flexibly undergoes transformation.

To achieve this, we are keenly alert to various changes and will continue to foster sensitivity and creativity.

We aim to be a company that rewards hard and valuable work.

To achieve this, we will continue to value and foster a culture of fairness.