Operation and management
of Mitsui Minato Club,
a historical heritage site in Omuta City

Minatoclub Operations Co., Ltd.

In June 2017, we obtained the ownership of and management right to Mitsui Minato Club, a tangible cultural property in Omuta City, Fukuoka Prefecture, and opened it after renovation in April 2018.

Currently, the management and operation of the facilities is entrusted to Minatoclub Operations Co., Ltd. We will protect and preserve the historical heritage of Omuta City into the future, and make efforts so that the facilities will receive continued patronage from local residents over the next 100 years too.

Please visit the guest house, which had been used as a place for social gatherings of zaibatsu (financial conglomerates), and enjoy a historical and elegant atmosphere and delicious foods prepared by Hiroyuki Sakai, a French chef called the “Iron Chef of French Cuisine.”

  • Party Room Ariake
  • Private Room Yotsuyama
  • Sample dish

Minatoclub Operations Co., Ltd.